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Rowan is a female-founded health and wellness company reimagining ear piercing. Re-thinking the traditional mall-based model, Rowan is revolutionizing the experience through a network of licensed nurses, providing ear piercing that is safe and celebratory through Target locations across the US, and at their Flagship NYC studio. Rowan celebrates the milestone of ear piercing, prioritizing the importance of hypoallergenic materials and designs that invoke a sense of joy.

Company News
  • Yahoo! Finance - December 30, 2020
    Target Now Has an Ear Piercing Service in Select Stores Across the Country

    When I was a little girl, getting my ears pierced was a big deal. I remember asking (OK, begging) my mom for years until she finally decided I was old enough to take care of my piercings on my own. The process didn't thrill Mom as the only place to go was a store in the mall with a teenage piercer who probably didn't really know what she was doing. Plus, with my mom's background as a nurse, she definitely did not think it was a sterile situation. (I ended up getting multiple infections, so, like usual, my mom was right.)

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  • Women in Retail - December 1, 2020
    Rowan's Founder on Elevating the Ear Piercing Experience With Safety and Celebration

    In this episode of Women in Retail Talks, Women in Retail Leadership Circle Senior Content Strategist Ashley Chiaradio interviews Louisa Serene Schneider, founder and CEO of Rowan, a unique ear piercing experience. Listen in as Schneider discusses how her nieces’ ear piercing experiences inspired her to start the business, how Rowan’s business model is marrying safety with celebration for a unique ear piercing experience, and why an earring subscription box is a perfect solution to the piercing aftercare process for customers.

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  • Reviewed - September 29, 2020
    This earring subscription box is the perfect gift for tweens

    I hear it all the time: parents wondering where to get their child’s ears pierced. Some are hesitant to take little kiddos into tattoo and piercing parlors, and although mall accessory stores like ’90s staple Claire’s are still around, a teen wielding a pressurized piercing gun isn’t always an appealing option.

    Enter Rowan, a fresh take on the ear piercing experience that combines a subscription box with at-home ear piercing service.

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  • JCK - March 9, 2020
    New Jewelry Brand Rowan Debuts with Proprietary Piercing Events

    Rowan, a new jewelry brand founded by Louisa Schneider and designed by established fine jeweler Paige Sargisson, has debuted with a business plan built to capitalize on the current craze for multiple ear piercings.

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