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Banza is an alternative pasta company offering higher quality, more nutritious pasta and macaroni & cheese.  The company offers a variety of products including penne, elbows, shells, rotini, spaghetti, and macaroni & cheese – all made from chickpeas.  Banza is disrupting the traditional pasta industry by offering a pasta with 2x the protein, 4x the fiber, and ½ the net carbs of regular pasta.  You can find Banza at select grocery stores including Whole Foods Market, Target and Wegmans.

Company News
  • Food Business News - October 19, 2020
    Banza Enters Frozen Pizza Category

    After its success with chickpea-based pasta, Banza aims to reinvent another comfort food with chickpeas as the hero ingredient. Banza Pizza is debuting nationwide in Target, Whole Foods Market, Wegmans and Heinen’s stores. The products feature a crust made from chickpeas, olive oil, yeast and oregano that has a crispy texture with a sturdy, doughy center, according to the company. Pizza varieties include four-cheese, roasted vegetable and Margherita. The brand also is offering a two-pack of plain crusts.

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  • Food & Wine - June 10, 2020
    This Pasta Alternative Has Become a Staple

    Banza’s noodles are made with chickpeas and pea protein, which makes them higher in protein and fiber and lower in carbs than pasta made with flour and eggs. At first glance, the uncooked pasta—which is available in all kinds of traditional shapes, from penne to rotini—looks like any other dry pasta, and it requires about the same effort to cook. Food & Wine's editor was impressed by its smooth texture and firm consistency, and her quick lunch tasted delicious and kept her full for far longer than I anticipated.

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  • New Hope Network - March 24, 2020
    Banza - Innovating in 'Novel Alternatives' Trend

    Banza is the first pasta made from chickpeas, with two times the protein, four times the fiber and nearly half the net carbs of traditional pasta. In addition to a wide variety of pasta types, Banza has introduced rice made from legumes. Banza Tricolor Rice has three times the protein, two times the fiber and nearly 30% fewer net carbs than normal rice.

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  • Food Navigator - November 12, 2019
    Chickpea-Fueled Pasta Brand Banza Raises $20M, Plans Move into Foodservice

    Chickpea-fueled brand Banza has raised $20 million in a financing round led by Enlightened Hospitality Investments and Prelude Growth Partners. The brand - which raised $7.5 million in a Series A round in 2017 led by Beechwood Capital - has also launched chickpea rice, packaged mac & cheese products, and lasagna sheets.

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  • kitchn - June 20, 2019
    The Banza Backstory: How Two Brothers Made Chickpea Pasta a Thing

    There are a lot of really impressive things about Banza, a beloved chickpea pasta start-up founded by brothers Brian and Scott Rudolph back in 2014. They’ve formulated a kind of pasta with nearly twice the protein, more than four times the fiber, and forty percent fewer net carbs than traditional pasta. They also just gave the chickpea-treatment to rice. In addition to all that, they’ve managed to secure prime grocery real estate, positioning themselves on shelves right next to the very pantry staples they’re trying to imitate. But their most Herculean feat is that eating Banza doesn’t taste like a sacrifice — because it’s just delicious.

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  • Business Insider - March 5, 2019
    These 6 Startups are Incredibly Successful on Social Media

    Retail startups Banza, Glossier, Maelove, BarkBox, Daniel Wellington and MVMT have found common success in the social media world thanks to user-generated content from highly satisfied customers. In 2018, Banza received around 30,000 pieces of user-generated content from home cooks eager to share how they incorporated the gluten-free, protein-packed pasta alternative into delicious dishes.

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  • Food Navigator USA - February 19, 2019
    Banza Rolls Out High Protein, Low Carb, Chickpea Rice at Whole Foods Nationwide

    Chickpea-fueled brand Banza is hoping it can emulate its success in the pasta aisle with a chickpea rice that delivers three times the protein, double the fiber, and 30% fewer net carbs than brown rice.

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  • CNN - January 1, 2019
    These Are The Very Best Products from 2018

    Banza chickpea pasta was featured on CNN Underscored's Best Products of 2018. These are the top products that CNN Underscored has tried and tested over the past 12 months and represent everything you need to buy for 2019 - whether you're looking to be healthy, improve your home, upgrade your tech, cook savvier, travel smarter, or just live better.

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  • newstimes - October 15, 2018
    How This Entrepreneur Quickly Grew His Chickpea Pasta Company - Banza

    Brian Rudolph turned a personal need into a business that sells products in more than 10,000 stores.

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  • CNN.com - March 4, 2018
    Try to guess the main ingredient in this wheat-free pasta

    Banza chickpea pasta is a healthy alternative to regular wheat pasta. This product is certified vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and low on the glycemic index.

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  • FoodNavigator - December 15, 2017
    Banza Chickpea Pasta Rolls Out to 8,000+ Stores

    Chickpea-fueled pasta brand Banza is now in 8,000+ locations after striking deals with Kroger and Ahold that have added 2,000+ stores to its footprint, but remains laser focused on velocity as part of its bid to be the “most productive pasta in the set” for its retail customers, says co-founder Brian Rudolph...

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  • Project NOSH - November 15, 2017
    Distribution Roundup: Natural Brands Flock to Conventional

    With the addition of Kroger and Ahold Delhaize, chickpea pasta maker Banza is expanding its presence in conventional grocery. The brand’s penne, rotini, shells and elbows SKUs, will hit shelves this week at Kroger and affiliated retailers such as King Soopers and Ralph’s. Ahold Delhaize will carry penne, rotini, shells, and spaghetti lines at more than 650 Stop & Shop locations and select Giant locations throughout the Northeast starting in December.

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  • Food Business News - September 15, 2017
    Banza founder: 'We want to be the Chobani of pasta'

    "In the coming months, Banza products will be sold in about 7,000 retail outlets nationwide. While Mr. Rudolph declined to disclose overall sales figures, he said the brand has grown 540% year over year in Whole Foods Market stores. Since Banza’s debut, several other brands have emerged, offering similar pasta products made with beans, peas and lentils. Mr. Rudolph sees the additional competition as a boost to the emerging segment..."

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  • PE Hub - August 8, 2017
    Pasta company Banza inks $7.5 mln Series A

    NEW YORK (August 2, 2017) – Today, Banza, a company known for making delicious and nutritious pasta from chickpeas, announced the close of a $7.5 million Series A investment round led by Boston-based Beechwood Capital. The financing will allow Banza to increase its production capacity, expedite the creation and development of new products, and support team growth—all of which will help Banza bring a better pasta to more people.

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  • Forbes - August 2, 2017
    CircleUp25: Announcing the 2017 Winners

    Banza has expanded to 5,000 stores nationwide since launching in 2014, has seen 500% year-over-year growth in Whole Foods, and is the fastest growing pasta company in the U.S.

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  • Good Morning America - July 24, 2017
    VIDEO: Food entrepreneurs share the best and worst career advice they have received

    The food entrepreneurs behind Banza were highlighted on "Good Morning America" today as start-up companies with a mission to create social change for both health and the environment.

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  • BonAppétit.com - June 22, 2017
    This Chickpea Pasta Is Worth the Gluten-Free Hype

    Created four years ago by a then-23-year-old non-chef in downtown Detroit, Banza has twice as much protein and almost half the net carbs as the wheat-based pasta.

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  • NYTimes.com - November 30, 2016
    How Banza, a Chickpea Pasta Start-Up, Thrives on Attention

    "Early on, after we did the reality show, Brian and I were so committed to getting everything off the ground prior to having that exposure," Scott Rudolph said. "It was obvious that we were on to something."

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  • HuffingtonPost.com - October 12, 2016
    Banza Is The Protein-Packed, Chickpea Pasta You’re About To See Everywhere

    If you love pasta but can’t eat the stuff, for one reason or another, the alternatives have bordered on pathetic ... until lately.

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  • Forbes.com - January 20, 2016
    Forbes 30 Under 30: How A Weird Hummus Habit Led One Under 30 To Reinvent Traditional Pasta

    Banza has double the protein and four times the fiber of traditional options. It’s also gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan. In this edited and condensed interview, Rudolph, a recent 30 Under 30 Food and Drink honoree, shares news from his Detroit, MI office about Banza and the future of food.

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  • Inc.com - June 14, 2016
    How an Obsession With Chickpeas Inspired This Fast-Growing Food Startup

    Most foods good and tasty come with the price of guilt, but Banza wants to change that. Just one year after beginning commercial operations, the brand of low-carb chickpea pasta has already expanded to more than 2,000 stores.

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  • Time.com - November 19, 2015
    The 25 Best Inventions of 2015

    Banza, shorthand for garbanzo pasta, has double the protein and four times the fiber of traditional pasta, and far fewer carbs; it’s also gluten-free.

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