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Founded in 2013, WTRMLN WTR is the pioneer in healthy, cold-pressed juiced watermelon, sourced straight from the fruit. The Company seeks to achieve two goals: first, find a home for what the industry referred to as discarded melons – watermelons to be discarded simply because there was a blemish on an otherwise perfect melon. By finding a home for these discarded melons, farmers could turn a loss into a profit. Second, introduce amazingly beneficial water from the melon to the world.  By creating this meaningful relationship with farmers, the Company is able to utilize these formerly discarded melons to create what has already become one of the most exciting new beverages in the market. Each and every bottle contains just 3 simple natural ingredients. The low-calorie drink is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. WTRMLN WTR is sold at Whole Foods, Costco and other national and independent grocery stores nationwide.

Company News
  • PRNewsWire - June 4, 2019
    WTRMLN WTR Launches The World's Most Innovative, Super Clean Sports Drink … WTRMLN SportWTR

    The makers of the pioneering, cold-pressed WTRMLN WTR, announced today the global launch of WTRMLN SportWTR, an electrolyte-filled, healthy hydrating and performance enhancing clean drink

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  • LA Times - August 3, 2018
    Chris Paul promotes healthier habits for young athletes — starting with sports drinks

    Wtrmlnslce is a new watermelon-based electrolyte drink made by Wtrmln Wtr, a company in which Paul has invested (along with Beyonce, and others). The nine-time all-star says it is part of a mission to get people, especially the young, to think more carefully about everything they consume.

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  • BevNet.com - May 15, 2018
    WTRMLN WTR Launches BLNDS Line Extension

    WTRMLN WTR is ringing in the summer with a four-SKU extension of its BLNDS line of functional cold pressed juices.

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  • BrandChannel.com - June 5, 2017
    ‘Liquid Love’: Q&A With WTRMLN WTR CMO Jeff Rubenstein

    With a focus on taste without waste, WTRMLN WTR hopes to change the way people stay hydrated. We talked with CMO Jeff Rubenstein (formerly CMO of Vita Coco) to learn more about the brand.

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  • BizJournals.com - May 22, 2017
    Ex-New Belgium CEO's watermelon-water startup, backed by Beyoncé, is moving HQ to Denver

    WTRMLN WTR, which specializes in cold-pressed watermelon water, is moving its headquarters to the River North neighborhood and will be led by CEO Christine Perich, who led Fort Collins-based New Belgium Brewery as its chief executive.

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  • Refinery29.com - March 9th, 2017
    Beyoncé Just Added 3 New Flavors To Her Watermelon Water Line

    The brand announced three new flavors, or as they’re being called, “BLNDS.” Each new BLND is made with WTRMLN WTR’s signature base of watermelon flesh and rind.

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  • Bevnet.com - January 6th, 2017
    Christine Perich Appointed as CEO At WTRMLN WTR

    Christine Perich was today announced as the new chief executive officer of World Waters, maker of fast-growing high pressure processed juice brand WTRMLN WTR. Perich is the former CEO of New Belgium Brewing, which she left in October after 16 years at the Colorado-based craft beer company.

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  • Forbes.com - June 28th, 2016
    WTRMLN WTR Makes A Refreshingly Sustainable Splash

    The United States has a food waste problem, and Jody Levy wants to help solve it. Levy is the creative director and co-founder of WTRMLN WTR, a New York-based maker of all-natural – you guessed it – watermelon water that's sold across the country in retailers from Whole Foods to convenience stores.

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  • Fortune.com - May 3rd, 2016
    Forget Lemonade, Beyoncé Is Investing in Watermelon

    Beyoncé commanded the world’s attention with the release of her latest album “Lemonade.” But the iconic singer is giving some love to another fruit: the watermelon.

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  • businessnewsdaily.com - February 5th, 2016
    Behind the Business Plan: WTRMLN WTR

    Jody Levy started with a vision to make use of some of the 800 million lbs. (360 million kilograms) of watermelon that are wasted each year for no reason other than their appearance.

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  • sustainablebrands.com - January 13th, 2016
    This Startup is Giving Ugly Watermelons a Refreshing Purpose

    Grocery stores in Europe and North America have slowly begun to target the food waste epidemic by showcasing “ugly” produce: French supermarket chain Intermarché led the pack in 2014 with its ingenious “Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables” campaign...

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