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Tatcha is a global luxury beauty and lifestyle brand, focused on the skincare market.  The product line is inspired by information from a 200-year-old Japanese manuscript detailing beauty practices and also draws on modern technology.  Founded by Victoria Tsai to share the geisha’s wisdom with modern women everywhere, the Company leverages its roots in Japanese culture to bring authentic, unique products to its customers. Tatcha has a wide breath of products all catering to the fast growing all-natural skincare consumer. The company’s best-selling products include rice enzyme powder, camellia cleansing oil, nourishing lip balm, moisture rich silk cream, and soothing silk body butter.  You can find Tatcha at prestige retailers such as Barneys and Sephora.

Company News
  • Inc.com - November 6, 2017
    These Founders Hit the Road and Found Their Next Big Idea

    In 2009, Vicky Tsai had quit an unfulfilling job, her bank account was dwindling and she was newly pregnant... "I was lost, and I knew the answer wasn't going to be in my apartment in San Francisco. I had never spent time in Japan in a meaningful way, so I just thought, why not? You get to a certain point where you have nothing to lose."

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  • WWD - October 16, 2017
    Castanea Partners Takes Stake in Tatcha

    Bringing in Castanea is expected to help with the supply chain
    and technology infrastructure, according to Tsai. In the near
    term, the brand will focus on deepening relationships with
    existing retailers, but over time, will look to ramp up
    international growth. Early-stage Tatcha
    investors Beechwood Capital and Finn Capital Partners remain
    on board.

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  • Forbes.com - June 20, 2017
    How The Beauty Industry Is Adapting To Change: The Business Plans

    Tatcha is in Barneys, on QVC, and in Sephora. As Tsai says, “There’s nothing niche about making people feel special and beautiful.”

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  • POPSUGAR - June 20, 2017
    The 10 Essential Tatcha Products That Will Transform Your Skin

    If you have sensitive skin, you've likely been recommended Tatcha before. Since its creation in 2009, the elegant beauty brand has amassed a devoted clientele thanks to its gentle products and luxurious packaging. Now, Tatcha continues to create industry-shaping skincare products and has even ventured into the cosmetics realm with a few lip products.

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  • VanityFair.com - June 12, 2017
    Nine Lightweight Face Moisturizers for Summer

    Vanity Fair ranks Tatcha's Water Cream Moisturizer as the best lightweight face moisturizer for the summer.

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  • Business of Fashion - June 1, 2017
    The Top 15 M&A Targets in Beauty

    In a market that is more competitive than ever, strategics and private equity firms alike are looking beyond makeup to acquisitions in skincare and haircare.

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  • VanityFair.com - March 29, 2017
    How Beauty Brand Tatcha Became a Philanthropic Success Story

    Tatcha...Impeccably presented and exquisitely packaged, every item in her exceptional line of skincare is treated as a profound gem...On top of that, it’s all for a very good cause.

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  • WWD.com - March 16, 2017
    Tatcha Plans Mecca Expansion, Launches Series of New Products

    The brand has upgraded core ingredient Hadasei-3 for deeper skin penetration.

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  • Conde Nast Traveler - February 2, 2017
    Tatcha Skincare's Brad Murray Reveals His Strategy for Packing Light

    The San Francisco-based president of skincare company Tatcha shares his in-flight wardrobe and finely-tuned packing strategies.

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  • refinery29.com - January 10th, 2017
    This Essence Saved My Sensitive Winter Skin

    From the very first glance at the label, I knew that Tatcha’s The Essence Plumping Skin Softener was just that.

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  • cnbc.com - October 23rd, 2015
    From geisha beauty rituals to millions in start-up sales

    In a world where start-ups are gaining notoriety by quickly capitalizing on the idea of new innovation and technology, entrepreneur Vicky Tsai has built a multimillion dollar brand doing the exact opposite.

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  • inc.com - September 1st, 2015
    Inc. 5000 - How a Geisha's Secret Helped Me Found My Company

    A research project for Vicky Tsai's Harvard Business School internship became a nightmare. It wasn't until a trip to Japan, and an unexpected meeting with a geisha, that Tsai, 37, found relief--and the idea for her San Francisco-based startup.

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