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Shani Darden Skincare

Shani Darden Skincare

Shani Darden Skincare is an emerging skincare brand founded by celebrity esthetician Shani Darden. Shani is the skincare expert behind Hollywood’s biggest stars, including Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian, and Chrissy Teigen. Drawing into her years of experience as a skincare expert at renowned spas, Shani developed her uniquely transformational line of simple, effective formulations to provide easy-to-use solutions that treat a wide range of skincare conditions while keeping clients looking flawless. Shani Darden Skincare products can be found at www.shanidarden.com and through leading specialty boutiques.

Shani Darden Skincare
Company News
  • POPSUGAR - June 18, 2020
    If You're Looking to Start Using Retinol, Go With Shani Darden's Texture Reform

    A POPSUGAR editor began using Shani Darden Skincare's Texture Reform product, and says there's no going back. It seemed like the perfect retinol. The serum is formulated with lactic acid, which acts as a gentle exfoliant. Combined with the mild retinol, it's like a power duo for brightening the skin.

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  • People - May 17, 2020
    Sephora Just Added an Anti-Aging Serum from the Skincare Brand Jessica Alba and Chrissy Teigen Both Love

    This week, Sephora blessed us skincare-enthused by finally adding a plethora of coveted products from celebrity esthetician Shani Darden. Shani Darden is one of the most trusted skincare experts to the stars, often posting skincare tutorials with Jessica Alba and photos of January Jones using her namesake line to Instagram. As Jessica Alba says in a video of her getting a facial from Darden, “retinol changed my life.” The A-list mom of three admits that the Hollywood facialist introduced her to retinol in the first place, which makes Sephora’s new addition of the Shani Darden Skin Care Retinol Reform even more exciting.

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  • StyleCaster - April 14, 2020
    New Sephora Launches to Get Excited About

    For the first time ever, Shani Darden’s namesake skincare line is being sold in Sephora stores. If you’re new to this brand, it’s imperative that you try the game-changing retinol and lactic acid serum beloved by a handful of celebs.

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  • Create & Cultivate - January 20, 2020
    Meet the 2020 Honorees for Create & Cultivate's '100 List'

    Shani Darden, renowned aesthetician and founder of skincare brand Shani Darden, was named to Create & Cultivate's 2020 list of 100 successful and inspirational women who are disrupting industries and smashing glass ceilings across 10 different categories. Shani was among the 10 honorees from the list that are re-shaping the beauty industry.

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  • Glossy - August 14, 2019
    Are Facialist Brands the Next Skin-Care Wave?

    It’s been an unusually busy few months for aesthetician Shani Darden. In June, Darden opened her first flagship studio, a 2,300-square-foot space in Beverly Hills, after previously treating her A-list clientele, like Jessica Alba, in her Los Angeles home. In July, she hired her first CEO, Jessica Goldin, a Beautycounter marketing alum, and received undisclosed investments from BAM Ventures and Beechwood Capital. Though Darden has had a curated product line of five items since 2013 and is estimated to do approximately $5 million in sales this year, per industry sources, these recent strategic moves are focused on amplifying her overall business.

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  • WWD - July 25, 2019
    Shani Darden Lands Investment, Hires CEO, Plans Expansion

    Shani Darden, the eponymous skin-care brand, has landed two investors and hired a Chief Executive Officer. Darden has received a seed investment from BAM Ventures, the fund of serial entrepreneur Brian Lee, whom
    she met through Alba, and Beechwood Capital, an early investor in Tatcha (which was just sold to Unilever for nearly $500 million). In addition to raising capital, Darden has hired Jessica Goldin as CEO. Goldin was previously the senior vice president of marketing for Beautycounter. She has also worked at Murad, Clinique and Victoria’s Secret Beauty.

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  • Hollywood Reporter - June 07, 2019
    Hollywood Facialist Shani Darden Opens First Flagship Skin-Care Studio

    Shani Darden opened her new flagship skincare studio in Beverly Hills with a launch party co-hosted by Jessica Alba. The new studio will serve as the base for Shani’s in-demand facial and skincare programs, as well as showcase and sell the Shani Darden Skincare product line.

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  • Glamour - May 25, 2019
    Beauty Awards: The 17 Best Skin Care Products of 2019

    Shani’s Retinol Reform was listed as the Best Serum on Glamour’s Beauty Awards: The 17 Best Skin Care Products of 2019.

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  • Allure - December 26, 2018
    The Best New Skin-Care Products Hitting Shelves in December

    Allure featured Shani Darden’s 2018 product launches, the Daily Cleansing Serum, Daily Oil-Free Moisturizer, and Daily Toning Essence, among its top new skin care products hitting shelves.

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  • Sharpe.com - August 1, 2018
    What One Celebrity Esthetician Puts On Her Face Every Day

    Shani Darden is the secret behind celebs' (including Chrissy Teigen's) radiant complexions. When it comes to her own, though, she's surprisingly low-key.

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  • Harpers Bazaar - August 31, 2017
    Jessica Alba's Facialist Reveals the Secrets to Amazing Skin

    Jessica Alba, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Chrissy Teigen all credit Hollywood facialist Shani Darden with having drastically improved their skin. Besides her treatments, they all highly rate Retinol Reform, the cult classic in her eponymous skincare line which found fame on Snapchat last year thanks to Kim Kardashian rightly raving about it.

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  • W Magazine - October 19, 2016
    Meet the Skin Care Expert Beloved By Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian

    Her bond with Jessica Alba may have put Los Angeles skin care expert Shani Darden on the map, but there's a reason why clients like Chrissy Teigen, Suki Waterhouse and Emily Ratajkowski rave about Darden - namely, her amazing hands and chill vibe. But when Kim Kardashian called out Darden's signature retinol serum on social media earlier this year, her claim to fame skyrocketed.

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