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Foodstirs is a modern baking company offering better quality, convenient and delicious mixes and kits that help families create meaningful experiences in the kitchen. The company was co-founded by Sarah Michelle Gellar, Galit Laibow and Greg Fleishman with the mission to help create memorable experiences through baking. Foodstirs is disrupting the traditional baking kit and mix industry by offering clean and green products made up of non-GMO and organic ingredients, free of artificial preservatives, dyes and flavors that also taste delicious. You can find Foodstirs at select grocery stores including Whole Foods Market and online.

Company News
  • Food Business News - March 10, 2020
    Foodstirs Debuts Organic Keto Cookie Mix

    Specialty baking mix brand Foodstirs is introducing a keto-friendly chocolate chip cookie mix with 2 grams of net carbs and 1 gram of added sugars per serving. Formulated with almond and coconut flours and pea protein powder, the mix is gluten-free, USDA certified organic and non-GMO. “Our consumers have been requesting we do grain-free plus reduced sugar for quite some time,” President and Co-Founder Greg Fleishman said. “We think we cracked the code here.”

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  • Nosh - June 19, 2019
    In Second Phase of Growth, Foodstirs Launches Ready-to-Eat Line

    Baking mix maker Foodstirs is executing a comprehensive brand makeover that includes new packaging, logo, tagline and formulation, as well as the launch of a new ready-to-eat line of baked treats. For its first venture into ready-to-eat products, Foodstirs is introducing individual grab-and-go lines of miniature donuts, muffins and brownies in plastic wrapped sleeves. Product roll out is currently underway in Whole Foods Market Northeast region stores as well as Fred Meyer.

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  • Forbes - January 3, 2019
    Sarah Michelle Gellar's Journey From Stardom To Startup Success

    How actress-turned-entrepreneur Sarah Michelle Gellar, co-founder of Foodstirs, is silencing skeptics and making her mark on the $7 billion dollar baking industry.

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  • Good Morning America - December 10, 2018
    Foodstirs on GMA

    Sarah Michelle Gellar, co-founder of Foodstirs, stops by GMA with some delicious holiday treats.

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  • CNBC - October 19, 2018
    Foodstirs on CNBC Live TV

    Actress and entrepreneur Sarah Michelle Gellar, co-founder of Foodstirs, explains how she created this alternative to boxed cake mixes and the benefits of families baking together in the kitchen.

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  • Inc Magazine - October 5, 2018
    The Challengers: The Game Changers Behind Foodstirs, Away, and the Players' Tribune

    These entrepreneurs on Inc.'s Female Founders 100, including Foodstirs founder Galit Laibow, are shaking up established industries and spawning entirely new ones.

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  • TODAY Show - August 21, 2018
    10 time-saving foods that'll help you cut down on cooking

    Also available at Starbucks locations nationwide, mug cakes are all the rage on Instagram, and it's easy to see why. They are decadent, gooey and the perfect treat. Now it takes just about a minute in the microwave, thanks to these Foodstirs Organic Minute Mug Cake Mixes. You can get them in flavors such as Celebration Confetti, Molten Chocolate Chip and Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake.

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  • Parade - August 21, 2018
    'You Can Be Successful and Still Achieve Other Dreams': Sarah Michelle Gellar Talks Baking Biz

    Sarah Michelle Gellar is slaying a different kind of beast these days: hunger. The star co-founded Foodstirs, a company that makes kid-friendly baking kits and mixes with and eye toward sustainable and clean ingredients.

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  • Food Navigator-USA.com - April 4, 2018
    Foodstirs gears up for May launch at Starbucks: ‘The whole mug cake phenomenon is exploding’

    While all eyes are on the store perimeter these days, the meteoric rise of Foodstirs – an organic baking mix brand wooing Millennials - proves that mature center store categories can be equally fertile territory for entrepreneurs, says co-founder Greg Fleishman, who is gearing up to roll out new one-minute mug cake mixes to 8,000 Starbucks stores.

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  • Entrepreneur.com - March 27, 2018
    Turning Rejection Into Triumph: How Sarah Michelle Gellar and Her Co-Founders Built a New Baking Brand

    As an actor, Sarah Michelle Gellar was used to rejection and uphill battles, but co-founding her startup, Foodstirs, has been a challenge like no other.

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  • ProjectNosh.com - February 9, 2018
    Foodstirs and Perfect Bar Use Starbucks as Retail Springboard

    This week, two up and coming natural food brands -- chilled bar brand Perfect Bar and baking mix company Foodstirs -- announced they are launching at Starbucks cafes nationwide. The retail addition is just one piece of each brands’ marketing strategy for product innovation and capturing new consumers.

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  • ABCNews.com - November 18, 2017
    VIDEO: Sarah Michelle Gellar shares her secrets to launching a new business

    Featured on ABC's Good Morning Ameria - The founder of Foodstirs gives tips for entrepreneurial success, including surrounding yourself with the right people and getting to know your audience.

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  • CNBC.com - October 10, 2017
    VIDEO: Sarah Michelle Gellar bakes up new brand with Foodstirs

    Sarah Michelle Gellar, actress, entrepreneur and Foodstirs co-founder, talks about her start-up which provides premium baking mixes.

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  • ProjectNosh.com - October 10, 2017
    Foodstirs Mixes It Up with 7,500 New Retailers

    Just over a year after launching into brick and mortar retailers, baking and breakfast mix line Foodstirs has validated its recipe for success, as it is set to launch in roughly 7,500 stores by the end of the month. The expansion is a leap from its previous 400 doors. Co-founders Galit Laibow, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Greg Fleishman said that the growth was always in the company’s roadmap, the expansion came faster than expected...

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  • Travel+Leisure - August 15, 2017
    Sarah Michelle Gellar Went All the Way to Peru to Hunt Down Her Favorite Chocolate

    Gellar recently flew all the way to Peru to hunt down the world's perfect chocolate for her company, FoodStirs, a Los Angeles-based startup, which sells organic, GMO-free dessert mixes and baking kits. And luckily for both baking and travel enthusiasts, Gellar shared her entire journey on Instagram.

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  • FastCompany.com - May 30, 2017
    VIDEO: Sarah Michelle Gellar is Disrupting the Baking Industry

    See how baking company Foodstirs is using creativity and organic ingredients to disrupt the baking industry.

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  • Forbes.com - May 22, 2017
    Sarah Michelle Gellar And Her Co-Founders Are Slaying The Baking Industry With Foodstirs

    Co-Founder Galit Laibow says one key goal is ensuring Foodstirs' products are reasonably priced for organics. “We don’t want to be a brand no one can afford, so we work closely with our partners to keep down costs,” says Laibow.

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  • newhope.com – March 7, 2017
    Foodstirs founders clean up the baking category

    The new baking mix company helmed by Sarah Michelle Gellar, Galit Laibow and Greg Fleishman is bringing traceability and creativity into the pantry. Here's how.

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  • CNBC.com – February 28, 2017
    How Sarah Michelle Gellar intends to slay the $4.7bn baking-mix industry

    With the desire to help create memorable, long-lasting experiences through baking, Gellar teamed up with longtime friend Galit Laibow and entrepreneur Greg Fleishman to create Foodstirs, which sells organic, GMO-free mixes and dessert baking kits.

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  • Project NOSH – October 26, 2016
    Foodstirs Raises Funds & Adds Fleishman To Team

    Just a few short months after launching in Gelson’s and regions of Whole Foods Market, once online-only baking mix and kit brand Foodstirs has announced two milestone developments to facilitate its growth.

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  • GlobeNewswire – September 15, 2016
    Foodstirs launches first all Organic, GMO free Line of Baking Kits & Mixes into Retail

    New Modern Baking Company Challenges Category with Clean, Amazing Tasting Products.

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  • Project NOSH – July 27, 2016
    To Spike Sales, Foodstirs Moves into Retail

    Thirteen years ago Sarah Michelle Gellar was attacking supernatural villains as the star of the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Now, with no less enthusiasm, she and her business partners Galit Laibow and Gia Russo are facing a new set of adversaries: Duncan Hines and Betty Crocker.

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